Repair Services
Repair Services
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Liquid Damage Treatment.

If you do a search about water damage you will very likely come across many misleading articles about putting your device in rice or salt overnight as a quick fix, you should never attempt this as the longer you leave the contaminants inside your device it becomes increasingly unlikely that we will be able to carry out a successful repair.

We will dismantle your handset, remove the logic board for a deep cleanse using a high-end ultrasonic cleaner to remove all residue of liquid damage.

We place your logic board in a miniature oven at a classified temperature to gently heat the board in the perspective to remove any remaining liquid and re-flow the solder joints to reseal any loose or dislodged component. After this procedure, we will be able to diagnose and attempt a repair on your handset.

If the water damage is fresh then chances are we will be able to repair your device the very same day, if the corrosion has already started to set in then it’s possible your handset will take a number of days before we are able to give you an honest assessment on repair likelihood.

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